Dear ocean

Dear ocean

Deep, unknown and full of life

May I just ask,

How many lives have you taken?

I feel inexplicably drawn and want to plunge

To be underwater and emerge out

The salt and the sting in my eyes

The feeling of being carried, taken in completely

All over and all around

Take me in as I am

I stand on the sand and watch you from afar

Your serene turquoise during the day and then black at night

The angry waves during the storm

So unforgiving to so many

Why would you spare me?

You and your eyes like the ocean

Light blue in the sun

What hue do they shine on a pillow in a dark room?

What story would they tell me?

I stand right here on the sand

My heart screaming for a plunge

But knowing I will get lost in you

As I just can’t fight you

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